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The Karayuki san - Sad Story of Oversea Prostitutes

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Karayuki San

    During the 1890s, there were already some Japanese working in Sandakan, and most of them were coolies, contract workers. Although karayuki-san used to refer to people who sought work overseas, it later came to be associated with ladies who worked as prostitutes in foreign countries. Most of the karayuki-san were young girls from poor families who were either tricked or forced by poverty to sell their daughters to work overseas. In 1891, there were 20 brothels and 71 Japanese karayuki-san in Sandakan. The brothels were referred to by numbers and one of these was Brothel Number 8. Sandakan Brothel No. 8 (Sandakan Hachiban Shokan in Japanese) was opened by a Japanese lady named Kinoshita Kuni. A book by Tomoko Yamazaki which was later adapted into a movie has turned the name Sandakan into quite a famous name among older Japanese.
- jalan Tiga ,Sandakan, once famous with it's Karayuki-san.

North Borneo Historical Society

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